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Anti Slip Flooring

Anti slip flooring is extremely durable and has a high resistance to dents and scratches, which is a major problem with solid wood flooring. It is well installed and maintained and can be used for up to 20 years or more.
Unlike ordinary flooring or tiles, our PVC flooring is very resistant to dirt and staining. Therefore, keeping it clean requires almost no complicated cleaning procedures other than sweeping, vacuuming and mopping the floor. It does not require special periodic cleaning care like solid wood flooring.
Non-slip: Special anti-slip treatment on the wear layer to protect the safety of the elderly and will not slip.
Fire protection: The response to the fire classification is Bf1 - s1, second only to stone.
Sound insulation: about 20bd, no noise when walking on the floor.
Antibacterial: most bacteria cannot survive.
Waterproof: it can be immersed in water for 3 days without deformation.
Applicable place:
Used in places with high flow of people, wet or greasy places, such as food factories, chemical plants, laboratories, bathing rooms/toilets, banquet halls, corridors, ramps, kitchens, bars, schools, hospitals, restaurants, changing rooms, shops, sports centers.
XINKETE is mainly engaged in anti slip flooring products for sale. As one of the leading anti slip flooring manufacturers and suppliers in China, we have won the trust and praise of the majority of consumers due to the competitive price and first-class service.