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Indoor Sports Flooring

Our indoor sports flooring products can be widely used to all types of leveled floors laid with cement, ceramic tiles, marble and wood in the following buildings, such as the gyms of training and competition and the multi-functional gyms for badminton court, table tennis court, volleyball, tennis, basketball court, handball and indoor 5-person soccer, varies of gymnasiums, dancing rooms, schools, relaxation rooms of organization, multi-functional rooms, amusement parks, kindergartens, sporting goods stores etc.
The wear-resisting layer of surface layer of indoor sports flooring has special skid proof sex, and compare with common ground material, the foot feeling that home outfit PVC floor is in sticky water is more acerbity, slip less easily to, encounter water more acerbity more namely. This is a very good advantage for families with old people and children.
The main raw material that produces PVC floor board to install a home is polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl chloride is environmental protection and nontoxic and renewable resource, it is used in great quantities already in People's Daily life, wait like the infusion tube bag of tableware, medical, its environmental protection sex is need not worry.
XINKETE is mainly engaged in indoor sports flooring products for sale. As one of the leading indoor sports flooring manufacturers and suppliers in China, we have won the trust and praise of the majority of consumers due to the competitive price and first-class service.